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Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
yik6 jik6 alternative name for 絳|绛[jiang4] capital of the jin state during the spring and autumn period (770-475 bc) / wing / area surrounding the bullseye of a target / to assist / one of the 28 constellations of chinese astronomy / old variant of 翌 / surname yi

Common Chinese Words Using 翼

Simplified Chinese Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
yau6 yik6 jau6 jik6 the right flank / (politically) right-wing
jo2 yik6 zo2 jik6 left-wing (political)
gei1, gei2 yik6 gei1, gei2 jik6 wing (of an aircraft)
bei2, bei6, pei4 yik6 bei2, bei6, pei4 jik6 (flying) wing to wing
mei5 yik6 mei5 jik6 tail wing / empennage (arrow feathers or tail assembly of plane) / tail unit
sim4, sin4 yik6 sim4, sin4 jik6 cicada's wing / fig. diaphanous / delicate texture

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