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Radicals in this Character

  • yǒu left
  • yuè moon
Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
yau5, yau6 jau5, jau6 to have / there is / there are / to exist / to be

Common Chinese Words Using 有

Simplified Chinese Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
mut6 yau5, yau6 mut6 jau5, jau6 haven't / hasn't / doesn't exist / to not have / to not be
waan4 yau5, yau6 waan4 jau5, jau6 furthermore / in addition / still / also
yau5, yau6 gwaan1 jau5, jau6 gwaan1 to have sth to do with / to relate to / related to / to concern / concerning
jek3, ji2 yau5, yau6 zek3, zi2 jau5, jau6 only
yau5, yau6 yan4 jau5, jau6 jan4 someone / people / anyone / there is someone there / occupied (as in restroom)
yau5, yau6 se1 jau5, jau6 se1 some / somewhat
yau5, yau6 liu5 jau5, jau6 liu5 I've got a solution! / to have a bun in the oven (abbr. for 有了胎[you3 le5 tai1])

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