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  • shǒu hand
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Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
gwa3 gwaa3 to hang or suspend (from a hook etc) / to hang up (the phone) / to hang (computing) / to be worried or concerned / to make a phone call (dialect) / to register or record / to hitch / classifier for sets or clusters of objects / (slang) to kill / to die / to be finished / to fail (an exam)

Common Chinese Words Using 挂

Simplified Chinese Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
yun4 gwa3 jyun4 gwaa3 to suspend / to hang / suspension (cable car)
gwa3 gau1, ngau1 gwaa3 gau1, ngau1 hook (on which to hang sth) / to couple / to link together / to establish contact with / hook / coupling links (e.g. between two railway coaches)
hin1 gwa3 hin1 gwaa3 to worry about / to be concerned about
gwa3 hou6 gwaa3 hou6 to register (at a hospital etc) / to send by registered mail
gwa3 dyun6, tyun5 gwaa3 dyun6, tyun5 to hang up (a phone)
gwa3 nim6 gwaa3 nim6 concerned
gwa3 seui3 gwaa3 seoi3 to take command / to assume leadership / to dominate / over-emphasis / dominating over other considerations

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