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Radicals in this Character

  • shān mountain
Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
saan1 saan1 mountain / hill / anything that resembles a mountain / bundled straw in which silkworms spin cocoons / gable / surname shan

Common Chinese Words Using 山

Simplified Chinese Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
saan1 dung1 saan1 dung1 Shandong province (Shantung) in northeast China, abbr. 魯|鲁, capital 濟南|济南
saan1 sai1 saan1 sai1 Shanxi province (Shansi) in north China between Hebei and Shaanxi, abbr. 晋 capital Taiyuan 太原
saan1 au1, keui1 saan1 au1, keoi1 mountain area
jung1, jung3 saan1 zung1, zung3 saan1 refers to Dr Sun Yat-sen / Nakayama, common Japanese surname (borrowed by Sun Yat-sen) / Zhongshan prefecture level city in Guangdong close to Sun Yat-Sen's birth-place
daai6 saan1 daai6 saan1 Dashan, stage name of Canadian Mark Henry Rowswell (1965-), actor and well-known TV personality in PRC
saan1 bo1, po1 saan1 bo1, po1 hillside
gam1 saan1 gam1 saan1 Jinshan suburban district of Shanghai / Jinshan or Chinshan township in New Taipei City 新北市[Xin1 bei3 shi4], Taiwan

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