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Radicals in this Character

  • rén man
  • quǎn dog
Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
buk6, fuk6 buk6, fuk6 to lean over / to fall (go down) / to hide (in ambush) / to conceal oneself / to lie low / hottest days of summer / to submit / to concede defeat / to overcome / to subdue / volt / surname fu

Common Chinese Words Using 伏

Simplified Chinese Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
hei2 buk6, fuk6 hei2 buk6, fuk6 to move up and down / to undulate / ups and downs
chim4 buk6, fuk6 cim4 buk6, fuk6 to hide / to cover up / to conceal
maai4 buk6, fuk6 maai4 buk6, fuk6 to ambush / to lie in wait for / to lie low / ambush
buk6, fuk6 gik1 buk6, fuk6 gik1 ambush
buk6, fuk6 dak6 buk6, fuk6 dak6 volt (loanword)
buk6, fuk6 ngon3, on3 buk6, fuk6 ngon3, on3 lit. to be bent over one's desk (studying or writing) / fig. to work slavishly
buk6, fuk6 faat3 buk6, fuk6 faat3 to be executed

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