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Radicals in this Character

  • spear
  • dāo knife
Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
wa4 waa4 to delimit / to transfer / to assign / to plan / to draw (a line) / stroke of a Chinese character

Common Chinese Words Using 划

Simplified Chinese Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
gai3 wa4 gai3 waa4 plan / project / program / to plan / to map out
kwai1 wa4 kwai1 waa4 to plan (how to do sth) / planning / plan / program
chaak3 wa4 caak3 waa4 to plot / to scheme / to bring about / to engineer / planning / producer / planner
wa4 fan1, fan6 waa4 fan1, fan6 to divide up / to partition / to differentiate
bei2, bei6, pei4 wa4 bei2, bei6, pei4 waa4 to gesture / to use sign language / to gesticulate / to engage in body combat or martial art / to come to blows
mau4 wa4 mau4 waa4 to scheme / to plot / conspiracy
chau4 wa4 cau4 waa4 to plan and prepare

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