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Main Radical of Character

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Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
yi5, yu5 ji5, jyu5 abbr. for israel 以色列[yi3 se4 lie4] / to use / by means of / according to / in order to / because of / at (a certain date or place)

Common Chinese Words Using 以

Traditional Chinese Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
hak1, ho2 yi5, yu5 hak1, ho2 ji5, jyu5 can / may / possible / able to / not bad / pretty good
so2 yi5, yu5 so2 ji5, jyu5 therefore / as a result / so / the reason why
yi5, yu5 gap6, kap6 ji5, jyu5 gap6, kap6 as well as / too / and
yi5, yu5 hau6 ji5, jyu5 hau6 after / later / afterwards / following / later on / in the future
yi5, yu5 loi4 ji5, jyu5 loi4 since (a previous event)
yi5, yu5 wai4, wai6 ji5, jyu5 wai4, wai6 to believe / to think / to consider / to be under the impression
yi5, yu5 seung5, seung6 ji5, jyu5 soeng5, soeng6 that level or higher / that amount or more / the above-mentioned

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