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Main Radical of Character

  • tóu head
  • kǒu mouth
  • xiǎo small
Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
ging1 ging1 abbr. for beijing / jing ethnic minority / capital city of a country / big / algebraic term for a large number (old) / artificial mound (old) / surname jing

Common Chinese Words Using 京

Traditional Chinese Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
baak1, bak1 ging1 baak1, bak1 ging1 Beijing, capital of People's Republic of China / Peking / PRC government
naam4 ging1 naam4 ging1 Nanjing subprovincial city on the Changjiang, capital of Jiangsu province 江蘇|江苏 / capital of China at different historical periods
dung1 ging1 dung1 ging1 Tokyo, capital of Japan
pou2 ging1 pou2 ging1 vladimir putin (1952-), career kgb officer and politician, president of russian federation from 2000, prime minister from 2008, president again from 2012
ging1 seng4, sing4 ging1 seng4, sing4 capital of a country
ging1 dou1 ging1 dou1 kyoto, japan / capital (of a country)
ging1 kek6 ging1 kek6 Beijing opera

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