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Main Radical of Character

  • shuǐ water
  • gōng work
Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
gong1 gong1 river / surname jiang

Common Chinese Words Using 江

Traditional Chinese Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
jit3 gong1 zit3 gong1 Zhejiang province (Chekiang) in east China, abbr. 浙, capital Hangzhou 杭州
gong1 sou1 gong1 sou1 Jiangsu province (Kiangsu) in southeast China, abbr. 蘇|苏, capital Nanjing 南京
cheung4, jeung2 gong1 coeng4, zoeng2 gong1 Yangtze River, or Chang Jiang
gong1 sai1 gong1 sai1 Jiangxi province (Kiangsi) in southeast China, abbr. 赣, capital Nanchang 南昌
lung4 gong1 lung4 gong1 Longjiang county in Qiqihar 齊齊哈爾|齐齐哈尔[Qi2 qi2 ha1 er3], Heilongjiang
gong1 naam4 gong1 naam4 south of changjiang or yangtze river / south of the lower reaches of changjiang / often refers to south jiangsu, south anhui and north zhejiang provinces / a province during qing times / in literature, refers to the sunny south / gangnam (district in seoul, south korea)
gong1 wu4 gong1 wu4 rivers and lakes / around the whole country / cf 两江 and 两湖, Jiangnan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan provinces in Qing times / vagrant / itinerant (esp. entertainer, swindler, quack doctor etc)

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