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Radicals in this Character

  • yuè moon
  • jié seal
  • yòu right hand
Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
fuk6 fuk6 clothes / dress / garment / to serve (in the military, a prison sentence etc) / to obey / to convince / to admire / to acclimatize / to take (medicine) / mourning clothes / to wear mourning clothes

Common Chinese Words Using 服

Simplified Chinese Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
fuk6 mou6 fuk6 mou6 to serve / service
fuk6 jong1 fuk6 zong1 dress / clothing / costume / clothes
syut3 fuk6 syut3 fuk6 to persuade / to convince / to talk sb over / Taiwan pr. [shui4 fu2]
haak1, hak1 fuk6 haak1, hak1 fuk6 (try to) overcome (hardships etc) / to conquer / to put up with / to endure
bat1, fau2 fuk6 bat1, fau2 fuk6 not to accept sth / to want to have sth overruled or changed / to refuse to obey or comply / to refuse to accept as final / to remain unconvinced by / not to give in to
jai3 fuk6 zai3 fuk6 to subdue / to check / to bring under control / (in former times) what one is allowed to wear depending on social status / uniform (army, party, school etc) / livery (for company employees)
pui3 fuk6 pui3 fuk6 to admire

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