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Main Radical of Character

  • shǒu head
  • chuò walk
Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
dou3, dou6 dou3, dou6 direction / way / road / path / principle / truth / morality / reason / skill / method / Dao (of Daoism) / to say / to speak / to talk / classifier for long thin things (rivers, cracks etc), barriers (walls, doors etc), questions (in an exam etc), commands, courses in a meal, steps in a process / province (of Korea or Japan)

Common Chinese Words Using 道

Traditional Chinese Pinyin Yale Jyutping English Definition for Chinese Text
bou3 dou3, dou6 bou3 dou3, dou6 to report (news) / report
dou3, dou6 dak1 dou3, dou6 dak1 virtue / morality / ethics
naan4, naan6 dou3, dou6 naan4, naan6 dou3, dou6 don't tell me ... / could it be that...?
yat1 dou3, dou6 jat1 dou3, dou6 together
dou3, dou6 lou6 dou3, dou6 lou6 road / path / way
syut3 dou3, dou6 syut3 dou3, dou6 to state / to say (the quoted words)
dou3, dou6 lei5 dou3, dou6 lei5 reason / argument / sense / principle / basis / justification

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